Bran castle (Dracula castle) in Bran, Transylvania, Romania (© Marco Cristofori /Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Plain of Jars, Phonsavan region, Laos (© Colin Brynn/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Miami, Florida (© Radius Images/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

International Space Station over the Pacific Ocean (© StockTrek/White/Photolibrary) © (Bing United States)

Early morning light over Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe, California (© Don Smith/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Satellite image of the Everglades, Florida (© Universal Images Group/SuperStock) © (Bing United States)

U.S.S. Arizona Memorial in Oahu, Hawaii (© Reed Kaestner/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Palace Square atop the arch of the General Staff Building, Saint Petersburg, Russia (© SIME/eStock Photo) © (Bing United States)

Two collared lories (© Gary Vestal/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Nobel Peace Center in Oslo, Norway (© Jon Hicks/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Indiana State Museum, Indianapolis, Indiana (© Henryk Sadura/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Christmas tree worms growing on coral (© Reinhard Dirscherl/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Chestnut in the Forest of Crécy, France (© Stephane Bouilland/Peter Arnold/Photolibrary) © (Bing United States)

Orca whales spyhopping near Antarctica (© Norbert Wu/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Christmas tree farm (© Ocean/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Lucerne Town Hall illuminated with Christmas lights by artist Gerry Hofstetter, Lucerne, Switzerland (© Stefan Huwiler/Photolibrary) © (Bing United States)

Airplanes inside the Museum of Flight in Seattle, Washington (© Ron Koeberer /Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Hickman Bridge natural arch, Capitol Reef National Park, Utah (© Don White/Super Stock) © (Bing United States)

Snow-covered winter landscape in Bavaria, Germany (© Fischer/Photolibrary) © (Bing United States)

Yarmulkes for sale in a market (© John & Lisa Merrill/Danita Delimont) © (Bing United States)

Holiday decorations inside Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France (© WIN-Initiative/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Waterfall in Silver Falls State Park, Oregon (© Craig Tuttle/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Romanesco (© Martha Lazar/Getty) © (Bing United States)

House with Christmas lights (© Artbeats/Rubberball) © (Bing United States)

Fire in fireplace (© Tetra Images/SuperStock) © (Bing United States)

Arctic fox sleeping in snow (© Richard Hamilton Smith/Corbis) © (Bing United States)

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City, New York (© Lynn Saville/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Lake Como, Italy (© SIME/eStock Photo) © (Bing United States)

Hall of State, Dallas, Texas (© Matt Pasant/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Close-up of bumper cars in Stuttgart, Germany (© Panoramic Images/Getty Images) © (Bing United States)

Fireworks over Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong (© Chan Yat Nin/Corbis) © (Bing United States)