The Dew Stone, part of the Stanza Stones trail, in Yorkshire (© Rebecca Cole/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

Reflections on Crummock Water in the Lake District, Cumbria, England (© Damian Harrison/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

Eurasian Eagle-Owl (Bubo bubo) in wildflower meadow, Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany (© Rosl Roessner/Minden Pictures)(Bing United Kingdom)

Swift fox pups in Grasslands National Park near Val Marie in Saskatchewan, Canada (© John E Marriott/age fotostock)(Bing United Kingdom)

Deckchairs on Hastings Pier, East Sussex, England (© ams images/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

White storks at Los Barruecos Natural Monument, Caceres, Spain (© Wild Wonders of Europe/Widstrand/Minden Pictures)(Bing United Kingdom)

View of the Milky Way from the Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia (© idizimage/iStock/Getty Images Plus)(Bing United Kingdom)

Male leopard in Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, Botswana (© Karine Aigner/Tandem Stills + Motion)(Bing United Kingdom)

The Supertree Grove in Singapore's Gardens by the Bay (© John Warburton-Lee/Danita Delimont)(Bing United Kingdom)

Seville, Spain’s Guadalquivir River and Triana Bridge (© Zu Sanchez Photography/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

A thunderstorm rolls across Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota, USA (© Judith Zimmerman/Danita Delimont)(Bing United Kingdom)

Elephants in the Amboseli National Park, Kenya (© Adam Bannister/Offset)(Bing United Kingdom)

Mars Express image of the icy cap at Mars’ south pole (© ESA/DLR/FU Berlin/Bill Dunford)(Bing United Kingdom)

Male and female Ecuadorian horned anoles in Mindo, Ecuador, South America (© James Christensen/Minden Pictures)(Bing United Kingdom)

Fishing huts in Smögen, Sweden (© Martin Wahlborg/Getty Images Plus)(Bing United Kingdom)

Yukon River viewed from the Midnight Dome, Dawson City, Yukon, Canada (© Robert Postma/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Bees drinking nectar (© Angela Parker/Offset)(Bing United Kingdom)

Tidal pools of Leça da Palmeira, Portugal (© Fernando Guerra/age fotostock)(Bing United Kingdom)

Lake Feringasee, near Unterföhring, Munich, Germany (© Westend61/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Muje-Oulu Lake in eastern Finland (© Topi Ylä-Mononen/plainpicture)(Bing United Kingdom)

Wildebeest herd crossing the Mara River between Kenya and Tanzania (© zhengvision/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

The Dubai Fountain in Burj Lake taken from the Burj Khalifa in Dubai (© Eli Asenova/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Farmland in the Palouse, Washington, USA (© Art Wolfe/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Brown bears in Katmai National Park, Alaska, USA (© imageBROKER/SuperStock)(Bing United Kingdom)

Winnats Pass in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England (© Christopher Drabble/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

Royal Albert Hall during the annual BBC Proms festival in London (© Oli Scarff/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Anak Krakatoa volcano erupting off the coast of Sumatra, Indonesia (© Martin Rietze/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

The Gardens of the Palazzo Corsini al Prato, Florence, Italy (© Will Perrett/Alamy)(Bing United Kingdom)

Porthmeor beach in St Ives, Cornwall, England (© Robert Harding World Imagery/Offset)(Bing United Kingdom)

Blackpool Pier and Tower illuminations, England (© Premium/UIG/Getty Images)(Bing United Kingdom)

Slacklining between giant boulders in Bishop, California, USA (© Evgeny Vasenev/Aurora Photos)(Bing United Kingdom)