Robin (Erithacus rubecula) in snow, Scotland - Keith Ringland/Oxford Scientific (OSF)/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Yawning zebra Zimbabwe, Africa -- Berndt Fischer/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

The conical roofs of houses in the town of Alberobello, Italy -- Peter Adams/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Zebra shark and Crevalle jacks at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Georgia -- Richard T. Nowitz/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Male Polar Bear (Ursus maritimus) watching crack between ice-floes, Arctic Ocean near North Pole - Marketa Jirouskova/Oxford Scientific (OSF)/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Low angle view of caves on rocks, Lycian Rock Tomb, Myra, Turkey - Glow Images/age fotostock © (Bing United Kingdom)

Chacma Baboon chewing a bulb in the De Hoop Nature Reserve, South Africa -- Peter Chadwick/Getty Images © (Bing United Kingdom)

Sulfur volcanic landscape, Dallol, Danakil Desert, Ethiopia -- Radius Images/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Keelbilled toucan in a rainforest in central Mexico -- Robin Bush/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Sark Island (aerial view) - MOIRENC Camille/Hemis/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Remarkable Rocks on Kangaroo Island, South Australia -- Karlheinz Irlmeier/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Israel Tel Aviv City Hall at Hanukkah - Hanan Isacher/Superstock © (Bing United Kingdom)

La Citadelle Laferriere in Haiti -- James P. Blair/Getty Images © (Bing United Kingdom)

A New Caledonian Crested Gecko leaping in the air -- Joe McDonald/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

The Wales Millennium Centre in Cardiff, Wales -- Birmingham/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Gargoyles on the roof of Notre-Dame Cathedral in Paris, France -- David Barnes/age fotostock © (Bing United Kingdom)

15th century Mausoleum of Bibi Jawindi in Uch Sharif, Pakistan -- Michele Falzone/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Sign forest near Watson Lake, Canada-- Don Johnston/Getty Images © (Bing United Kingdom)

Clownfish swimming in the Red Sea, Egypt -- SIME/eStock Photo © (Bing United Kingdom)

Mount Roraima, Venezuela -- Image Source/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

Snow covered trees and benches in Central Park, New York City -- Ellen Rooney/Getty Images © (Bing United Kingdom)

A Red Panda resting on branch -- Dan Barba/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Eroded rock formations at Roebuck bay, on the coast south of Broome, in Western Australia – Ted Mead/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Close-up of Christmas stockings hanging on a mantelpiece - Steven Randazzo/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Figurines depicting nativity scene lit up at night - Tom Brakefield/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Hoar frost on sunlit forest, Blackdown Hills, Sussex, UK - Alastair MacEwen/Oxford Scientific © (Bing United Kingdom)

Hand-painted sa paper umbrellas for sale at a workshop in Chiang Mai, Thailand -- Jonathan Pio and Cian Fenton © (Bing United Kingdom)

Helsinki, Finland in winter -- Tim Hibo/Photolibrary © (Bing United Kingdom)

Jaguar drinking at a water hole in Belize -- Frans Lanting/Corbis © (Bing United Kingdom)

The Millennium Wheel, New Year celebrations, London – Adrian Dennis/Getty Images © (Bing United Kingdom)