Pod toilets at Sketch, London, England (© Ed Reeve/Age Fotostock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

A village in Vall de Boí in the province of Lleida, Spain (© Luis Sanchez Davilla/360cities.net) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Notre-Dame de Reims Cathedral in Reims, Marne, France (© Sylvain Sonnet/Corbis) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Green lacewing peering on petals (© David Maitland/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Aurora australis over the South Indian Ocean (© NASA) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Bridge of Aspiration connecting the Royal Opera House with the Royal Ballet School in London, England (© Doug Byrnes/Corbis) © (Bing United Kingdom)

White storks roost in the Oasi dei Quadris near Fagagna, Friuli-Venezia Giulia region, Province of Udine, Italy (© Gabriele Croppi/SIME/4Corners) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Roussánou Monastery in Metéora, Thessaly, Greece (© age fotostock/Superstock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Knowlton Church and earthworks, Dorset, England (© Mark Bauer/Loop Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Firebrick sea star (© Tobias Bernhard/Corbis) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Christmas lights adorn the row houses on 34th Street in the Hampden neighborhood of Baltimore, Maryland, USA (© Troy McCullough/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Selfridges, Bull Ring, Birmingham, England (© Charles Bowman/eStock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Abstract close-up of flower spike Aloe spicata (© Nigel Downer/age fotostock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Trees in winter landscape (© Klaus Leidorf/Corbis) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Horse sleigh, Switzerland (© Sonderegger Christof/Alamy) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Christmas tree in the village of Boccadasse, Italy (© Davide Carlo Cenadelli/4Corners) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Bleak House in Broadstairs, Kent, England (© Ben Stansall/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

An abstract view of the National Assembly of Wales in Cardiff (© Andrew Holt/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Male northern cardinals in the snow (© Robert Shaw/Alamy) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Holiday light display in Makati City, Manila, Luzon Island, Philippines (© Per-Andre Hoffmann /Aurora Photos) © (Bing United Kingdom)

London Eye, London, England (© Fotosearch/age fotostock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Car powering Christmas lights on a caravan in Måndalen, Norway (© Jorn Tomter/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Snowy spruce forest with log cabin in Riisitunturi National Park, Finland (© Jan Tove Johansson/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Sunrise in Central Park after a snowstorm in New York City, New York, USA (© Mitchell Funk/Getty Images) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Nutrias in the snow, Germany (© Naturfoto-Online/Alamy) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Luna moths among hay-scented ferns, Lively, Ontario, Canada (© Don Johnston/age fotostock) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Point Betsie Lighthouse on Lake Michigan, Frankfort, Michigan, USA (© Ron Strong/SuperStock/Corbis) © (Bing United Kingdom)

Red fox, Alaska, USA (© Kennan Ward/Footage Search) © (Bing United Kingdom)