Paradise Harbour, Antarctica (© SinghaphanAllB/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Tlikakila River Delta in Lake Clark National Park, Alaska (© Dawn Wilson Photography/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Miami, Florida (© Matteo Colombo/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Elephants near Mount Kilimanjaro, Amboseli National Park, Kenya (© Diana Robinson Photography/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Saint Nicholas Day in Verbier, Switzerland (© Denis Balibouse/Reuters)(Bing Canada)

A great egret in Everglades National Park, Florida (© Troy Harrison/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Tangle Creek Falls in Jasper National Park, Alberta (© Jeff Foott/Minden Pictures)(Bing Canada)

The Cathedral of Florence, Italy (© Alexander Baert/Amazing Aerial Agency)(Bing Canada)

Muskox mother and calf in Dovre-Sunndalsfjella National Park, Norway (© Robert Haasmann/Minden Pictures)(Bing Canada)

Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia (© Theo Allofs/Minden Pictures)(Bing Canada)

Winter themed hand painted mail boxes for 'Sea Village' floating home residents, Granville Island, Vancouver (© Michael Wheatley/Alamy Stock Photo)(Bing Canada)

Poinsettia plants (© Elizabeth Fernandez/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Hallstatt, Austria (© Jon Arnold Images Ltd/Alamy)(Bing Canada)

The 12 Days of Christmas display at Butchart Gardens, Vancouver, B.C. (© Michael Wheatley/Alamy Stock Photo)(Bing Canada)

Borovets, Bulgaria (© Grigor Ivanov/Cavan Images)(Bing Canada)

Holiday lights in the Atlanta Botanical Garden in Georgia (© Natalia Kuzmina/Alamy)(Bing Canada)

Mountain goats at Glacier National Park in Montana (© Sumio Harada/Minden Pictures)(Bing Canada)

South Beach in Miami, Florida (© Claudia Uripos/eStock Photo)(Bing Canada)

A northern cardinal perched in a common winterberry bush in Marion County, Illinois (© Richard and Susan Day/Danita Delimont)(Bing Canada)

Christmas market at Belvedere in Vienna, Austria (© Diyana Dimitrova/Alamy)(Bing Canada)

Sun halo over Lake Antermoia in the Dolomite Mountains of Italy (© Walter Donega/Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Christmas tree of the Galeries Lafayette in Paris, France (© Geoffroy Van der Hasselt/AFP via Getty Images)(Bing Canada)

Gentoo penguins in Antarctica (© Nature Picture Library/Alamy)(Bing Canada)

Amalga Harbor, Alaska (© Mark Kelley/Tandem Stills + Motion)(Bing Canada)

Miniature holiday scene in Strasbourg, France (© Kavalenkava Volha/Alamy)(Bing Canada)